Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Virginal Service

Just a quick post about Virgin Mobile's people at Cavendish mall in Claremont, Cape Town.

I needed a solution. I had a broken phone and no way to keep in touch with the world. The broken phone will be repaired under my insurance cover, but it will take weeks.

What to do?

I have a contract from Virgin Mobile. A previous SIM card swop was handled quickly and efficiently by the good people at the Virgin Mobile counter in the Musica store in Cavendish. Finding their landline number wasn't exactly straightforward. I had to use the Musica.co.za store locator and call them up, which got me the Virgin counter's number. A phone call or two later, they had checked my credit rating as it was originally assessed and approved me for a V0 Post-Pay account. R49 a month gets me R50 airtime and a handset, in this case a Motorola V360.

Arriving at the store, I merely had to walk in, buy a Virgin starter pack at R55, sign a contract form, and walk out with the phone and my in-store activated SIM card. They were extremely helpful and friendly.

The only thing they could not do, was to take my wife's prepaid Virgin number and use it for the new contract. It would be a different matter if she were only porting to Virgin now, but the port had happened months ago. There must be a reason for this restriction (the Virgin lady described it as a network policy across all networks), but the logic for it escapes me.

I will recount the tale of the Outsurance insurance claim soon. More so if something interesting happens.

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